Posted by Rae Heston
PP PHF and "all-round nice bloke" Brian Stanley
A RECENT Palm Beach Rotary Club meeting was unexpectedly emotional.
Past president and Paul Harris fellow Brian Stanley announced he was retiring from the club because of family responsibilities.  He could not always get to meetings or do as much as in the past so felt it was time to go.
Brian resigned but did not get away completely — club members unanimously voted to make him an honorary member.
One after another they paid tribute to Brian’s personality and service.
Kevin Fahie said he had known the man for 45 years and Brian had had a huge influence on him, ever since their days in Apex.
Lloyd Kerferd said he had also known Brian since their Apex days. He was a marvelous man and always there to help when needed.
Past President Lindsay Hemy reminded members that Brian was a charter (foundation) member of the Rotary Club of Palm Beach.  It was Brian’s support during Lindsay's year as president that motivated him to keep going.
John Simmons said Brian Stanley was his first contact when he joined the club.  He was always a “thorough gentleman” but never afraid to speak his mind if he thought something was wrong.  But he always was upfront about it and never spoke behind people’s backs.
He had opposed admitting women to Rotary but was prepared to stand up and say he had been wrong about that.
Immediate past president Kevin McDonnell lauded Brian’s help as his mentor.  He could always turn to Brian for advice on how things should be done, he said. 
“His support for me in this past year has been fantastic,” Kevin remarked.
 Laurie Smith has known Brian since the early ’70s when both joined Apex.   Brian had always maintained splendid sartorial standards, apart from one memorable Rottnest weekend when he wound up sleeping a night in a wine-stained singlet.  The smell was amazing the following morning.
Brian’s building designs can be seen all around Rockingham, Laurie said.  “Many were done buckshee — “he Navy Club is just one”.
New president Donna McDonald moved the unanimous motion that Brian should become an honorary member.
He would be welcome to visit any time, she said.
Brian replied that his time in Rotary had been a joy and a source of friends over the years.  He doesn’t want to lose  any of them
The honorary membership was a great honor and he hoped to maintain his association with the club.
He and Mavis will have been married 60 years and on December 12 they will have been in Australia for 50 years. He hoped that now made him “a true and genuine Australian”.