Malcolm Taylor was a very welome visitor from the
Applecross RotaryClub on Wednesday.
BACKING research into microbial drug resistance is one of the major thrusts of the Applecross Rotary Club, “We are lucky to have a University of Western Australia professor in our midst,” Applecross Rotarian Malcolm Taylor told the Palm Beach club on Wednesday. Thanks to its lobbying, their professor member received a global grant of $1 million from the Gates Foundation.
“He is hoping to break super bug resistance,” Mr Taylor said. “Around the world people are dying in hospitals because of the super bugs.”
Applecross Rotary also spends “considerable effort looking after women’s refuges —trying to help those less fortunate”, Mr Taylor said.
Palm Beach’s acting president, retired pharmacist Laurie Smith, lauded Applecross's work to combat antibiotic resistance.
“The fact that Applecross has achieved such a large grant from the Gates Foundation shows how serious the issue is,” he remarked.
“It is amazing that your club is doing something as significant as that.” Mr Taylor, who heads AKA Events Hire, gave considerable help to the Rockingham Beach Cup.
He has promised a marquee to cover the Safety Bay Beachside Festival stage and will even deliver it on the Friday before the festival.
He was invited to Palm Beach to be thanked for his help and to speak about his club’s work. Applecross is “a fairly active club,” he said. “About the same size as Palm Beach.”