Changeover Night 2015
A few choice words before Michaels last speech as Commander In Chief.
Are you going to behave this time Ted? You know what happened last time.
I could give that Joe Hockey a run for HIS money!!
So Harry says: how come you don’t like me no more?
Well – its because you’ve become so terrible pretentionus.
Pretensious?!!! Moi?!!!”
Right. Give us the dirt on the incoming President. The outqoing is squeeky clean you see. No material there.
Mr and Mrs Ross. A welcome blast from the past. 
No that can’t be right! … This needs the divine touch from… The Allmighty.
Michael has  yet again proven he is a man govern by great generosity,  offering his establishement for the enjoyment of Palm Beach Rotary Club. Deep heartfelt thanks Mike.
Teresa and Richard are enjoying their first Change Over bash.
Libby and the Terminator who will Be Back, no question.
I can see Bruce Allmightys handwriting all over this….
Mrs and Mr Hemy in need of a drink – or possible the ladies room?
Don’t’ listen to Ken Gray mate I am telling you…the fish was this big!
Succulent beef proved yet again Michael to be an exellent resturanteur.
A Toast: To absent Friends.
A danch show of utter class.
A very proud mother.
Speaking of class – two worthy recipients.
The whole evening went smothly with lots of laughs and great fellowship.
Change of the guards.
President Laurie gives his first speech with included his definintion of Rotarys motto: “Be a gift to the world”.
Boys boys! Minus is negative and Plus is positive – didn’t you see Toy Story?
And the winner is……
Lloyd – among others – since he didn’t become duck guardian of the year.
No fowl play as far as I can see – give cre-duck were it’s due.
The evening grew even lighter still as money pouches were ransacken.
What? Me? But – I’m a Lady.
Big thanks to the staff that carried out their duties with aplomb.