SPEECH OVER: Maddison Lamont and Daniel Muller share a joke with Palm Beach Rotary president Michael McCafferty after addressing the club about their RYPEN experiences.


LOCAL students Maddison Lamont and Daniel Muller were enthusiastic about their experiences at the recent Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN), when they spoke at last Wednesday's Palm Beach Rotary Club meeting.
Daniel listed a full-on program of events and workshops.  
Maddison discussed what they learned about working together and  negotiating the challenges of social media such as Facebook.
"They made us aware of different ways to be leaders," she remarked.
Daniel said they also learned how to "speak up".
His mother Emma and Maddison's mother Sharon both thanked the club for giving their children such an exciting experience. "They couldn't stop talking about it," Sharon  Lamont said.