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It has been a privilege to be a member of the Rotary Club of Palm Beach WA for more than 21yrs and an honour to be President for the second time. This year’s theme is the ‘Magic of Rotary’ which is what our club strives to do with so many valued projects making a real difference to our community and the environment.

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Donna McDonald, Mayor Deb Hamlin, Tarryn and Clint Fitzpatrick
The first meeting of the new Rotary year had a good turnout and was a great night.
The club inducted two new members, Clint and Tarryn Fitzpatrick, Kerilee Dawson introduced Clint and Tarryn to the club, and she will mentor Tarryn during her first year.
Rockingham Mayor and Club Honorary Member Deb Hamlin attended the meeting she assisted President Rick Dawson and President-Elect Donna McDonald induct Clint and Tarryn into the Rotary Family.
      It’s wonderful to see new members joining the Rotary family! 

A Little Bit About Rick

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Rick Dawson, a dedicated Rotarian who has played a significant role within the Rotary community:
Active Rotary Club Member:
  • Rick Dawson has been an integral part of the Rotary Club of Palm Beach for an impressive 21 years. His unwavering commitment and service have significantly shaped the club’s initiatives.
  • His journey with Rotary began when his daughter married the son of a fellow Rotarian. Since then, Rick has actively participated in various roles, including serving as President, Secretary, and contributing to committee work.
  • Rick’s enthusiasm for community service remains steadfast. His dedication to helping the Rockingham community through Rotary has been unwavering.
  • Beyond his Rotary involvement, Rick’s passion extends to wildlife conservation and photography.
Wildlife Conservation Efforts:
  • Rick spent 21 years in the Navy before transitioning to become a senior wildlife officer with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW).
  • His remarkable work includes conserving the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo population. Rick successfully developed artificial hollows, providing ideal breeding spaces for these iconic birds.
Collaboration and Impact:
  • Rick’s collaboration with Rotary has significantly contributed to wildlife conservation in Western Australia. His lens as a nature photographer has also captured the beauty of the region’s wildlife.
  • Notably, Rick celebrated the announcement of the first-ever female president of the Palm Beach Rotary Club: Teresa Carlson. Teresa’s achievements include raising over $1 million for Cystic Fibrosis research and receiving the Paul Harris Fellow Award for her dedication to helping others.
Legacy and Positive Change:
  • Rick Dawson’s legacy as a Rotarian, wildlife advocate, and community leader continues to make a lasting impact. His dedication exemplifies the spirit of Rotary, fostering positive change and service in the world.
Rick’s remarkable journey reflects the essence of Rotary’s mission—to create a better world through service and fellowship.
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