READY TO GET CRACKING: future Rotarians (back, from left) Carl Sanders, Rob Chandler and Trevor Churcher, (front) Baldivis president Dimity Ward (left) and Rachel Griffiths.

MEMBERS of the proposed satellite Rotary club at Baldivis will attend Palm Beach Rotary’s February 10 meeting. This was decided at the group’s second meeting on January 9, attended by five Baldivis people (four would-be Rotarians and one interested) and four Palm Beach Rotarians, headed by president Laurie Smith and past district governor John Simmons.
The would-be satellite club has a female president, Dimity Ward, an assistant relationship manager with Westpac Business Banking. Its members are considerably younger than the Palm Beach membership, all being under 45. This cheers Palm Beach Rotary president Laurie Smith and past district governor John Simmons, who have done so much to get the Baldivis club going.
Laurie told the Baldivis breakfast meeting that he knew of a couple of young people who might be interested in joining the satellite club after the holiday period ended. John Simmons said he could not send away to paperwork to establish the club until it had eight members.
It was up to the Baldivis satellite club members to decide when and how often they would meet. President Dimity Ward said Tuesday mornings suited her and that time worked for the others too. They decided to meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, starting at 6.45am, at The Dome restaurant in the main Baldivis shopping area.