It’s a special time. Rotary in Australia and NZ celebrates the First 100 years of Service in 2021.

In 1921, four Rotary Clubs were created in Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. From there, Rotary and Rotaract clubs were created everywhere across Australia and NZ. We all share a centenary in 2021. We can come together and create a common legacy. Think about the impact we can make!

It's the time to discover what is the best way to mark the occasion! And create a legacy that propels Rotary into the next century of service. This is so important – we will not have another chance in our lifetime!

We have a plan to make people aware, capture ideas of what we can do and enlist willing players in a part of history. We have constructed a toolkit to help Rotary leaders to help build that story. That's what this website is about. You can also join us on Facebook.

So get started with our introductory video


Make Your Mark on History

Projects are already underway. We have loads of collateral, videos and material to help you dig deep and learn. You can explore, download and share what you find. Find out more about how you can get engaged in the Big Ideas Page

Need an idea for your own project? There are many Thought Starting Ideas that might create the Big Hairy Audacious Goal that will galvanise action to start The Next 100 years of Service. Check them out under the Thought Starters Tab

We have lots to share with Rotarians, partners, family, friends and media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Newsletters, Websites are all our friends. Local newspapers and TV are hungry for stories that highlight why our centenary is a special time. Check out our toolkit under the Resources tab and download what you need.

Let’s honour the new projects that have become Centenary Rotary Projects. Projects endorsed by Rotary/Rotaract Clubs, Clusters and Districts as signature projects that address a real community need, propel us into the next century of community service, energise members  , provide a magnet for new members , find new partners and raise our profile. Register yours on the Centenary Project Honour Board.

Something may be happening near you sometime soon. A live calendar and summary catalogues what’s happening. Check out all the Grand Events and activities under the Events tab. And don’t forget to register your events for others to see and join in.

Need to chat with someone? Need a question answered? Want to add to this website? Contact Us will find a way.

All our material is copyright; it can all be used for approved Rotary activities and must not be used for commercial gain. We will be very pleased if you do help build the story, share and achieve great things for the next century.

And don’t forget to stay in touch all the time:  Facebook @ Rotary100 Down Under.