TWO Palm Beach Rotarians, Mick le Cocq and Kelvin Robinson, became Paul Harris Fellows at the club’s changeover night on Saturday.

New president Laurie Smith believes it is the first time in the club’s 34-year historya that two of these prestigious fellowships have been presented at the same time.  “I don’t think it has ever happened before,” he said later.

The club demonstrated its eco-credentials by recycling its past president Laurie Smith into the chair for 2015-16.

And top table recycling goes further, the president elect for 2016-17 is past president Ted Curr.

Michael McCafferty, a very successful president for the past year, is vice-president for the coming year.

Doug Hess is staying on as treasurer but the club has a new secretary,  Richard Carlson, who recently moved to Rockingham from Victoria with his wife Teresa.

They are a dynamic duo.  Supported by Richard, Teresa,  has devoted her life to raising almost $1 million for cystic fibrosis research.  Their beautiful daughter Michelle died of his congenital condition just two weeks before her 17th birthday.

Teresa has taken over the community directorship from Graham Hunter.

The other club service directors for 2015-16 are Kevin McDonnell (vocational), Andy Chapman (youth services) and Michael le Cocq.

It was a cheerful night with a fantastic meal turned on by Michael and Shelley McCafferty’s staff at their Prestige Catering headquarters.