ABOVE: beachside
festival committee
chairman Paul Ellis
(left) welcomes Frank
Club welfare officer
Brian Stanley
congratulates Kevin
Fahie on joining the
Kevin Fahie and Frank Moelands ⎯ have made Palm Beach Rotary Club the district’s fourth biggest. Past district governor John Simmons inducted the pair into the club last Wednesday and said Palm Beach Rotary now has 40 members. Kevin (classification, real estate ⎯ commercial) and Frank (classification, retired air conditioning) were welcomed by president Laurie Smith, their committee chairmen and mentors. There will be two Kevins on the vocational committee. Kevin Fahie will be working with Kevin Mc- Donnell’s merry band. Frank Moelans has been put into Teresa Carlson’s community committee. “New members bring in new ideas,” Laurie remarked.