A Little Bit About Rick

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Rick Dawson, a dedicated Rotarian who has played a significant role within the Rotary community:
Active Rotary Club Member:
  • Rick Dawson has been an integral part of the Rotary Club of Palm Beach for an impressive 21 years. His unwavering commitment and service have significantly shaped the club’s initiatives.
  • His journey with Rotary began when his daughter married the son of a fellow Rotarian. Since then, Rick has actively participated in various roles, including serving as President, Secretary, and contributing to committee work.
  • Rick’s enthusiasm for community service remains steadfast. His dedication to helping the Rockingham community through Rotary has been unwavering.
  • Beyond his Rotary involvement, Rick’s passion extends to wildlife conservation and photography.
Wildlife Conservation Efforts:
  • Rick spent 21 years in the Navy before transitioning to become a senior wildlife officer with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW).
  • His remarkable work includes conserving the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo population. Rick successfully developed artificial hollows, providing ideal breeding spaces for these iconic birds.
Collaboration and Impact:
  • Rick’s collaboration with Rotary has significantly contributed to wildlife conservation in Western Australia. His lens as a nature photographer has also captured the beauty of the region’s wildlife.
  • Notably, Rick celebrated the announcement of the first-ever female president of the Palm Beach Rotary Club: Teresa Carlson. Teresa’s achievements include raising over $1 million for Cystic Fibrosis research and receiving the Paul Harris Fellow Award for her dedication to helping others.
Legacy and Positive Change:
  • Rick Dawson’s legacy as a Rotarian, wildlife advocate, and community leader continues to make a lasting impact. His dedication exemplifies the spirit of Rotary, fostering positive change and service in the world.
Rick’s remarkable journey reflects the essence of Rotary’s mission—to create a better world through service and fellowship.