KERILEE Dawson, a comparatively new member of the Palm Beach Rotary Club, was startled and emotional when declared the club person of the year at the annual changeover dinne.
   She joined three years ago, during Ted Curr’s presidency, but her association with the club stretches back 14 years — to  when her husband Rick joined. 
   Rick became a Paul Harris fellow on the same night.)
   Kerilee was lauded for her work as youth director, managing our first exchange students for some years, opening her home for club events and meetings, her work on City Markets Rockingham.
   She said she joined when Rick had contemplated leaving the club, because he was spending too many night away from home and family, particularly Kerilee.
   She decided she would solve that problem by joining the club too — it would be something they could do together.
   Now they go walking together and arguing about the best way to do things in the the club.