Posted by Rae Heston
REAL THING: a 155mm Howitzer in the field.
 INSTALLING a 155mm Howitzer — or a replica artillery piece — at the planned Point Peron World War II memorial might have seemed fanciful just a short time ago.  But Palm Beach Rotary proponents are now  convinced it will go ahead — and are  looking for  rubbered wheels to allow the replica seven-metre-long gun to be moved.
 Past president Laurie Smith told recent club meetings that the replica will be built by Adrian Watt, who operates a  metal fabrication works in Spearwood, Adrian  is an artist in metal, Laurie declared.  “He built the mini-submarine at the Maritime Museum and — given the quality of his work — he can do it.  He sees no difficulty,” Laurie said.
 New Rotarian James Girling — also a metal fabricator — has been heavily in involved in the effort. “He has been advising us and has been the technical go-between between Rotary and Adrian Watt,” Laurie added.
The cost of materials for the Point  Peron Howitzer is  Corton Steel  $5633 and rivets $970.
   Laurie Smith has asked  the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce if it can source these materials from its membership.both including GST.  "I am hoping that because it is the centenary following WW1 armistice, that this project will attract sponsorship attention,” he wrote.  A recognition plaque will be attached to the Howitzer.
   Laurie  is confident that past club member Mal Hughes  will be able to organise the finance from Canberra.
Mal has the runs on the board— he was responsible for organising  finance and building the Rockingham Navy Club on Point Peron Road — and the building was designed by Palm Beach Rotarian Brian Stanley.
President of the Port Peron Restoration Committee Phil Edman, Laurie and Mal are meeting on November 12  to discuss ways of raising the money.
   Phil, a former Liberal MLC, has invited the club to join the restoration committee, Laurie added.  Laurie Smith and Mal Hughes are both now members of the  Point Peron Rehabilitation Committee.
   Laurie and wife Nola and Hal and Val Baxter walked to the proposed gun emplacement last Friday. “I think we will have no trouble  getting the gun up there,” Laurie said later.   “The walking track has been maintained and is wide enough to take a vehicle.”