Fly On The Wall
What really went on at PalmBeach Christmas Party
It started out just like any other Christmas party you’ve ever attended. Great food and music. Fellowship among properly sober, law abiding, God fearing patrons who wouldn’t dream of…
But I am getting ahead of myself.   
The holiday brings out, in people and of, the woodwork, the most seasonal of peculiarities.  
Supercharged Charles surrounded by the best of friends.
Things are hotting up.The musicman’s alluring tunes has persuaded the diehardest among us to enter the dancefloor. Tentatively at first… put you left leg out…and that’s what it’s all about.
Now -  here’s another photo of the little dears. Look how they are smiling for the camera. I’ve even fitted a two way communication device so they can contact me if there’s a problem. They only have to tap their little beaks on the screen and….hang on…
  • No more seed in the dispenser?! I’ll be there in tventy minutes!!
Under the mistletoe this year we find:
The rug STILL seems to be in exellent shape ladies. Better bring in the big guns…
We seem to have the floor to ourself Bruce. What a way to impress the ladies. Just as long as….
Oh no!!!! It Lycra Lyall… the slickest rugcutter this side of “So You Think You Can Dance?” We’re done for!!
Look how smooth he moves. Those Astair-like hips with the vigour of Gene Kelly. We might as well hit the bar unless something collective is offered by the gitarman.
There – safe and sound. Thirsty work though. I believe there are still some left in the bottle.
A drop well earned. Merry Christmas!
Thomas Söderholm