Ride For a Cure Poker Run 
Mark and I are suiting up early Saturday morning to take part in the Ride for a Cure Poker Run. First stop is registration at The Stockman’s Rest in Karnup. Saddle up!
We reach the registration point without too much bother – if you don’t count almost slamming our bikes into a couple of cows that happily pranced around in their newfound – and probably very temporary – freedom, in the middle of Karnup Road.  
The organisations founder and firebrand Teresa welcomes us and proceeds to hand out straws to everybody (?).
We were encouraged to breathe through, and only through this straw, thereby spending one short minute of our life mimicking the living hell a person with cystic fibrosis suffers under every minute of the day, every day. 
Mark starts the poker run with four of clubs and an open heart.
This poor unfortunate brave man – who goes by the name of J.D. – did the only honourable thing. As nobody drew the “Pink Card”, which automatically landed the sorry contender this charming little number, he valiantly stepped up to the challenge and wore said outfit for the first leg of the run.
The riders are getting restless….
The Marshals - whose responsibility it is to look after fifty-four keen riders – will ride first – and last - so nobody gets either lost or left behind.
First stop Dwellingup were the Blue Wren Café sold many-a-coffee. 
After the coffee break I went shopping. The biker shop behind said café just happened to stock the perfect motorcycle jacket. Sold!
We hit Boddington with a bang. Fifty big beautiful bikes fill the parking lot with the presence of rolling thunder.   
Perfect riding weather, good fellowship, great food and beautiful woman – I’ll go riding again next year for sure.
Bruce, of the Palm Beach Rotary Club made sure nobody left hungry.
Come and…. Get it!!!!
The Palm Beach Rotary Club had been busy setting up camp whilst we were gallivanting along the countryside and was a very welcome sight as blood sugar started to drop. 
Plenty for all – actually I think the Rotarians were a bit afraid they would end up with leftovers so they encouraged everybody to take seconds.   
Soon a rumour spread that the petrol station in Boddington was about to close. As it was the only station around and with my bikes puny 250km range I had to ask a few of my fellow travellers to kindly put aside their burgers for a while so I could get my bike out.   
When you look up the word “Speed” in the dictionary there is a picture of this lady. Fast…damn fast.
Mark does a pretty good impression of an actual golfer.
Whereas Bruce does not.
His style was instead quite possibly the inspiration for this artwork.
The Palm Beach Rotary Club and its volunteers receive a well-earned thank you from Teresa.
We leave Boddington and arrive at the Quindanning Hotel at breakneck speed.
(Well – some of us more sedate riders thought so)  
By now the fairy outfit had found a bearer more suitable to the task.
The loot to be changing hands later on that evening.
The people without whom this great event wouldn’t come about.
And her husband Richard. Thank you guys.
So what do you say riders? Same time next year? Looks like a definite.
Speaking of next year. How about we ask the owners of some of the more spectacular Harleys to attend next year’s Beach Side Festival?
The only thing left as the evening drew closer was to pony-up and go home.
Can’t wait until next time.
And you are never too old to participate!
Text and photos: Thomas Söderholm. Palm Beach Rotary Club.