Paul Trimble
PAUL Trimble (above), a copper keeping a keen eye on vulnerable seniors in the community,  was guest speaker at Wednesday’s Palm Beach Rotary Club meeting.
Sergeant Trimble is coordinator of the South Metro Community Engagement Unit, based at Mandurah’s Peel House.
After being introduced by Mal Hughes,  Paul spoke on Seniors Safety in the Peel area.   He has taken it upon himself to visit the aged and vulnerable after any particular event.  
He explained that when an incident has been reported, police attend, gather forensic evidence etc and he becomes privy to the  victims’ names and addresses. 
Paul then visits the victims in their homes to reassure them and  ensure they are okay.
He also issues them with a special kit  that includes motion detectors, torches, UV pens, a personal alarm, a whistle,  information on various safety procedures (e.g. carrying a handbag etc) and contact numbers.
He distributes these kits to 80 to 100-year-olds,  who are vulnerable and basically don’t have any money.
Although we think seniors are more at risk in the community, statistics show seniors are less of a risk, Paul said. They are more security conscious and stay at home more. 
Paul has taken this liaison work totally on himself and works alone. There are not enough police force members for others to follow his footsteps.  
There is also no funding so he relies on donations and/or goods to be put in the kits.  
A company in our region is willing to install the alarms at no charge where needed.  At this point he needs funds for the alarms, which are very reasonably priced at $99.95 per unit.  
Paul is hoping that Rotary will become a sponsor for his project, to enable him to reach out further.
He also spoke about his next project, this time aimed at youth and planned for later in the year. 
The first part of this project will involve secondary students making anti-drug short films (60-90 seconds) and placing them on YouTube.
The other part  is aimed at  primary school students. Paul believes  this is the perfect age to instil and promote correct behaviour in many areas, to prevent graffiti, violence, bullying etc.
Paul was a wonderful speaker with a passion for working with the aged and encouraging goodwill in our community in all age groups.
Bruce Cairns thanked him on behalf of the Rotary Club of Palm Beach and presented him with his gift.